This Year's Theme of "Yes, And..."

On Gathering Sunday, we announced our theme for the year: “Yes, And....”. Improv comedy thrives on the idea of “Yes, and…”: taking whatever the present moment gives you, and adapting your responses and decisions accordingly. You say your own improvised line, and your partner can take it in any direction they choose. It requires trust, letting go of control, and guts.


    Life is a lot like improv comedy. We can plan for some things, but we can’t predict everything; having flexibility and a willingness to listen and learn is key. The more we are tuned in to one another, the richer our storyline and the more we grow. Life, and faith, is not a solo stand-up act; it needs an ensemble cast. And God is one of the greatest improvisers.


     Throughout Scripture and our own lives, we experience God as a God of “Yes, and…”.

Yes, God is the divine creator…and God wants to create with us.

Yes, we sin in the world… and we are invited to practice confession and repentance.

Yes, we have our theological beliefs… and we are called to learn and grow throughout our lives.

Yes, Calvary has needs within our church community… and we are called to care for those not a part of our community.

Yes, we have ministries and programming… and we seek to have them support our spiritual practices.

Yes, we want to grow as a congregation… and we are grateful for all who are already present.


     To live into the practice of “Yes, and…” is to free ourselves from programmatic demands while opening ourselves to the present needs of our spiritual health. It’s easy to get stuck in our faith and in our relationships and conversations with others; by taking our cue from improv comedy and using the principal of “Yes, and…”, we learn how to move pass the barriers that can feel like roadblocks, and navigate a new way.

     Scripture is full of stories of people who are taken on journeys they did not expect. This year, in our worship services and in small group experiences and discussions, we are going to have some fun with our faith and engage the Spiritual Practices of “Yes, and…”. Taking improv as a spiritual practice allows us to live into the reality that God loves us where we are in life and will find ways to move us into further health and wholeness.