Create possibility through generosity

Calvary—your church home, open to all, and closed to none—is built upon several foundational principles: one of the most powerful is extravagant generosity. It is thanks to your generosity that God’s work can happen through us, and through you.

We are offering many different ways to share your generosity, and to make Calvary an even more extraordinary place as we move into our 135th year in Denver. This year, we want to be sure you see the impact your financial gifts can make.

One week of Family Promise: $500-600

One month of Bootstraps and Blessings: $500-600

Children’s ministry curricula and supplies for one year: $2,000-2,500

One anthem for Calvary choir: $100

Monthly cost of e-communications (website, calendars, congregation- and ministry-specific electronic publications): $1,500

One year of Calvary youth outreach/evangelism: $1,000-1,500

One year of American Baptist Youth (ABY) classes and activities: $1,500-1,700

Weekly cost of utilities (electric, phone, natural gas, water): $1,300-1,400

Adult church education curricula for the year: $2,500-3,000

Cost of one congregational mailing: $250-350

Weekly cost of building maintenance and repairs: $450-500

Calvary is a place where we are invited to thank God for all the gifts God has bestowed upon us; it is a church home where we can passionately worship… a community in which we find deep connections and lightness in laughter… a sacred space to honor our legacies… a safe place to be in times of grief… and, a place to share in celebration in times of greatness.

Thank you for your gift.