Church School Classes

 Calvary's classes provide distinctive opportunities for growth and enrichment. They meet Sunday at 11:00 a.m. (except during the summer) and are formed by age groupings and interest. All adults are welcome in any class regardless of age or marital status, and all classes are inclusive of singles and couples. 

Caritas. (Caritas in Latin means "love of many people.") Caritas members love welcoming guests. We are a larger class, made up of singles and couples alike, mostly of medium age adults in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Location: Room 146. Contact: Ken Pinkam:

Exploring Calvary. This afternoon event is a comprehensive look at Calvary and what being a member of Calvary entails. It is open to anyone; recent members, those contemplating membership and those curious about Calvary. It is held once or twice annually. Location: Pastor’s home. Contact: Lori Grohskopf:

Explorers. (Originally formed after the concept of “Ambassadors for Christ” found in the New Testament books of Corinthians.) The class consists mostly of retired folks ages 70 and younger, singles and couples with varied backgrounds and theologies who like to discuss and share. Location: Room 136. Contact: Walter Rowell:

Insight. We are adults in our 30’s and 40’s who explore topics relevant to being Christian in the 21st century. Many in our group are in the midst of raising a family. Insight values diversity of thought and an open perspective on faith. Join us in this journey of faith and life! Location: Fireplace Room/Room 126. Contact: Pastor Mary Hulst:

Koinonia. Koinonia, in Greek, has many meanings: community, communion, joint participation, sharing, and intimacy. A diverse group ranging from early 30’s to late 70’s that enjoy questioning our faith and each other as we dig into scripture and secular readings. Location: Room 119. Contact: Marie Dykes:

Morning Blend. If you are not in a Church School class, join us for Morning Blend, where we engage in topic-led conversations that focus on subjects like theology, work, faith, and community. An eclectic group of folks who come from various backgrounds and range in age from mid-twenties to those in their 60's. Come as you are, we look forward to seeing you. Location: Room 111. Contact: Morgan C. Fletcher:

Pathfinders. We are a group of adults mostly 65 and older. We are connected by an eagerness to learn, to share our thoughts on faith and life, and we are open to all of God’s children. Location: Room 140. Contact: Judy Goldman: Curriculum: Judson Bible Journeys for Adults.

Ribbons. We are a class that engages in spiritual experience through silence, meditation, easy physical movement and brain stimulation as well as dialogue. We meet the first three Sundays of the month. We are a diverse group, single, married, in our 40’s -70’s. Location: Room 134. Contact: Charlotte Million: 

Viewpoints. We are a non-age based class that welcomes diversity and vigorous discussion to examine a variety of faith issues in an open-minded, tolerant and accepting atmosphere that facilitates questions and understanding of different views. Location: Room 138. Contact: Tom Waymire: