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At Calvary, we believe that membership in this community
is valuable and welcomes our full commitment to one another.

We believe Calvary is one of the  most extraordinary church communities in all of Denver. If you are a member of Calvary we are so pleased you are a part of us! If you are not yet a member of Calvary, we welcome you to learn more by spending some time on this website, or by contacting or visiting us.

We find meaning in membership in five main ways:

Worshiping: Joining in community and “showing up” to worship, which makes an essential difference to ourselves and others.

Growing in faith: At Calvary, it is easy to find and join a GPS (God. People. Service.) Group or Church School class, go on a retreat, or choose any number of other opportunities that help deepen your faith.

Serving: Calvary offers so many ways to serve, and to make a real difference in your own and others’ lives. Our missions and ministries are integral to who we are, and we encourage our members to embrace and engage in them throughout the year.

Giving: One of our five values at Calvary is “extravagant generosity.” This means that we wish for our members to give of your time, skills, ability and finances as an act of worship, and in faithful generosity.

Sharing “good gossip:” Calvary has an extraordinary story to tell, and we love to have our members help us tell it. We encourage you to share all that you love about Calvary with your families, with your friends… even with people you just met. You will find that many people are seeking a community just like Calvary’s, and by telling them about it, you just may give them a gift they have been really needing.