Music has a vital role at Calvary Baptist Church of Denver as we engage people with melody, rhythm, and purpose.

Singing or playing in a choir creates meaningful community with one another—each of us is one part of the whole body, and we believe it is good to use our gifts for the good of the whole.

By making music together, we see the presence of God in our rehearsals, our creative output, and our worship. Church membership is not required for participation in any ensemble, so please consider joining us in ministry together. Our ensembles include:

The Calvary Choir plays a central role in worship services at Calvary by leading and offering music from the choir loft at the front of the sanctuary every week. In addition to worship the choir offers seasonal concerts and performs both here and abroad.

New members are always welcome: anyone who is interested should have a basic knowledge of music, or learn quickly by ear and have the ability to match pitch. However, above all, the main qualification is a passion for music and ministry.


AVE is an auditioned, SATB ensemble that provides an additional opportunity to engage in challenging, SATB choral experiences at Calvary Baptist Church. The ensemble is made up of 16-20 singers consisting of at least four voices per part, and they sing in worship twice a quarter. Auditions are held every September.

Spiritual Element

Spiritual Element is Calvary’s youth choir, and is open to students in grades six through 12. The choir provides an environment where youth can grow spiritually, relationally, and musically through worship leadership and performance. The intent is to cultivate a culture where students grow towards God… where they can serve God through the gifts they have been given through musical leadership in the church and outside the church as missions. On Sunday mornings, students have the opportunity to lead through 3/4-part choral anthems, solo opportunities, and leadership with worship music.

Carolers (age 4-grade 1)

The Carolers gather and learn how to use their voices as instruments. Singers explore pitch, melody, harmony, rhythms, and instruments to build foundational concepts of music. They also learn about worship by understanding liturgical seasons, colors, themes, and their role in worship. The Carolers offer music in worship at least once each quarter.

Choristers (grades 2-5)

The Choristers use their understanding of core musical skills and worship education to further develop their role as worship leaders in service. Singers begin to understand and use musical notation, instruments, and two-part music to offer music in worship at least twice each quarter and at major seasonal events.

Intergenerational (youth and adult: grade 6 and up)


JuBellation, Calvary’s handbell choir, is open to youth and adults, 6th grade and up. Ringers find it easier if they can read music (both notes and rhythms), but it is not a requirement. JuBellation rings periodically in worship and for special events.

Summer Choir (high school age and up)

Summer Choir occurs on the first Sunday of the month during the summer (June-August). The Summer Choir meets on those Sunday mornings at 9:00am for coffee and fellowship, and rehearses an anthem and service music at 9:30 am for the 10:30 am service. The choir is open to adults, high school age and up.

Small Ensembles

Calvary is filled with many talented musicians who offer their gifts during worship and special events. There are many opportunities for vocalists, pianists, percussionists, wind, and brass instrumentalists to offer their gifts and leadership in worship. Whether playing or singing alone, or joining together to create ensembles, Calvary welcomes your music to this ministry.

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