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Recap from the Annual Meeting

Miss the Annual Meeting last night or want to take a fresh look at some of the exciting things we talked about?

At last night's Annual Meeting Pastor Anne presented Calvary's Vision 2018, seen here in pdf form. Read More…

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Living Sabbath Experience

Last weekend a group of twenty-nine of us made our way to YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park to explore what Sabbath means for us today. Our faithful retreat leaders were Brad and Rita Berglund. Throughout the weekend they did a beautiful job of guiding our understanding of the roots of Sabbath in Scripture for our brothers and sisters of the Jewish faith, and how these roots impact our wellbeing today. Read More…

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Sabbath Moments

s 30 Calvary-ites head up the YMCA of the Rockies this weekend for our "Living Sabbath" retreat with Rita and Brad Berglund, I offer these quotes about sabbath for all of us to absorb as we have "sabbath moments" throughout our weekend - wherever we are. Read More…

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Cheers To A New Year

With the birth of Christ and the turn to a new calendar year, 'tis the time for thinking of new things, for moving forward, for dreaming and imagining where God is leading us...and ultimately, for living - not in the past nor in the future - but in the ever-blessing present. Read More…

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