Write a Card to our Healthcare Professionals!

March 23, 2020

Write an Encouraging Card to Our Nurses, Chaplains, Doctors, and Healthcare Workers

Our Calvary members and friends who work in hospitals and related health care professions are having an especially stressful time right now being on the front lines of this pandemic. They would love some encouragement! The following list are those who work in hospitals. You can find their address in your church directory or email Lori Grohskopf or Pastor Alice.

  • Krysta Baglien (chaplain)

  • Brooke & Nick Breitenauer (doctors)

  • Rachel Chang (chaplain)

  • Shu Chang (doctor)

  • Katie Cornell (nurse)

  • Dustin Frye (chaplain)

  • Miranda Frye (nurse)

  • Brenda Goodman (chaplain)

  • Jordan Grohskopf (nurse)

  • Janet Kerlin (nurse)

  • Sarah Allexan Kline (doctor)

  • Sarah Mather (chaplain)

  • Sara Reynolds (chaplain)

  • Lindsay Honeker Sullivan (nurse)

  • Patti Thurman (nurse)

  • Steve Zeiler (doctor)

If you know of a health care professional that is connected to Calvary that should be on this list, let us know!