Faith Formation in the Community

May 10, 2020

Faith Formation Throughout Our Communities

Let's learn from one another as we engage our practices of faith and faith formation out in the community and at home. The items listed on this blog post come from Calvary members who are sharing how they are engaging their faith during these times of social distancing. If you would like to share how you are engaging your faith by sharing a resource others can take part in please email Pastor Morgan. 


Faith Formation Bingo!
Have you checked out this FF Bingo card that Pastor Morgan created?  View the PDF by clicking here, print out the first page, and see how many you can check off! If you're not sure how to go about each faith practice, Pastor Morgan has provided explanations.

Prayers For When You Feel Anxious Coloring Pages from Illustrated Ministry (Download PDF here)

Bob Hoffmaster wanted to share this resource from his granddaughter Jennifer Christian and the Inter-Spiritual Connection

July 9, 2020 - International Day of Meditation and Prayer

Come as you are. Everyone belongs. We will find hope and a way forward as we come together in our suffering, loss, and division during this pandemic. We will come together in the face of social and racial unrest around the world. We transform as we come together across all faiths, all cultures, all political views and all nine points on the Enneagram. We ask you to join us for an inter-spiritual day of meditation and prayer. Come as you are. Everyone belongs.

Book of Common Prayer by School for Conversion, Inc.

Chuck and Bev Goertz have used the Book of Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals (linked above) for a long time. They admit to periodic hiatus but nevertheless keep returning. Chuck and Bev started years ago with the original print version but the app version is cool because it helps them sing with the church. It is also special for its social justice and creation care focus. If you enjoy joining your voices with others in your personal practice of prayer be sure to check this out. 

A Prophetic Prayer in the Time of COVID-19

By Rev. Dr. Jenny Whitcher

Creator God,

I call upon your Holy Spirit.

May the power of Your Holy Spirit emanate from our innermost being,
At a time when many of us feel powerless.

May the strength of Your Holy Spirit invigorate our breath,
As we breathe together: [breathe in, breathe out],
At a time when our breath is shallow for fear of transmitting and receiving this virus into our lungs.

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Breath Prayers for Anxious Times: A Centering Practice For Us In These Unusual Days

By Sarah Bessey

These are unusual days and anxious times. Smarter people than your girl here are offering wise and learned information; please pay attention to them. Be wise. Wash your hands. Make decisions not out of selfishness but out of care for the common good, particularly the good of the most vulnerable around us all. Look for ways to share rather than hoard. Remember who you are - a person of mercy and grace, love and peace: even in these anxious times.

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A Meditation by Kitty O'Meara

From Ron & Libby Johnson 

We have been keeping up with our daughter's blog. Kristine is an episcopal priest and the Rector of St. Mary's by the Sea Episcopal Church, Pacific Grove, California.

Linda Fischer wanted to share this 5 minute Sabbath Moment with you all.