We Are Hiring a Facilities & Operations Manager!

We Are Hiring a Facilities & Operations Manager!


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Job Summary: The Facilities & Operations Manager for Calvary Baptist Church of Denver manages operations for all aspects of Calvary’s nearly 50,000 square foot building and property in line with our mission to serve our congregation and community through our vision to be Open to All, Closed to None.  Duties include:  1) serve as Calvary’s building and property liaison with community organizations and internal church ministries; 2) provide logistics support for all events on the property; 3) ensure all property and assets are well maintained; 4) purchase all needed equipment and supplies; 5) develop and negotiate contracts; 6) manage security and safety; 7) coordinate liability insurance; 8) manage facilities systems; 9) proactively work to create new partnerships for building usage; and 10) perform various supporting administrative functions. Incumbent works extensively with Resource Management Committee regarding property maintenance.

Status: Exempt part-time, at-will employee

Hours:  30 hours per week with flexible schedule; may work from home on occasion but on-site time is preferred to serve as a resource for renters, visitors, staff and members of the congregation.

Schedule: Schedule may vary depending on events in the building, including some weekend and evening hours. Generally, schedule would include 5 hours per day in the church office Monday – Friday, with the remaining 5 hours to be determined weekly based on event and project needs.

Reports to: Senior Pastor (primarily) and Chair of Staff Relations Committee (secondarily)

Performance Review: After 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, then annually

Job Description:


  • Coordinate all internal and external building use

  • Ensure that Calvary’s internal needs are met prior to making commitments to external users, and that users are not in conflict, looking at the bigger picture of what is going on at a certain time in all of the church spaces and not just the specific room request

  • Develop new opportunities for partnerships with community organizations and outside businesses to maximize building usage and build alternative income sources

  • Serve as the primary contact with community organizations and outside businesses to plan events and coordinate all related event logistics

  • Act as liaison with long term renters to ensure their needs are met, working with them especially closely during the initial weeks of their contract or occupancy

  • Coordinate set-up and cleaning for all Calvary events and community partner/rental events

  • Attend at least the initial portion of large rental events to that ensure client needs are met

  • Oversee building use negotiations and develop contract agreements

  • Ensure that first aid is available and that all staff and building use partners know its locations and are up to date in their first aid training

  • Maintain a list of vendors and their proof of insurance and monitors their billing

  • Ensure that all renters have proof of insurance for their events at Calvary

  • Make sure renters know their expected payment amounts and due dates, and follow up on delinquencies when notified by Accounting


  • Manage all facilities systems such as card keys/electronic door locks, apps for remote HVAC and lighting, alarms, and security cameras

  • Coordinate all electronic door access, including controlling programming, issuing access cards, reviewing billing, and coordinating repairs

  • Handle all building and grounds contracts (HVAC, landscaping, cleaning, etc.), as well as office contracts (copier, phone system, etc.) and supervise work carried out under those contracts

  • Maintain the building inventory

  • Supervise the Custodian, Security & Set-up personnel, and Church Hostess


  • Regularly inspect the property for needed maintenance or cleaning

  • Coordinate building maintenance and cleaning

  • Responsible for building appearance inside and out, and vigilant about keeping the property in excellent condition and looking appealing to renters and guests, including managing a process of continual upgrades and regular review of furniture placement to enhance appearance

  • Cooperate with the Fire Department and other governing agencies for needed inspections

  • Arrange for timely maintenance on all vehicles and keep records concerning insurance, registration, usage, authorized drivers, and maintenance

  • Schedule regular office equipment maintenance and perform routine maintenance

  • Work with Calvary’s Technology Coordinator for office/staff related computer issues, upgrades, or troubleshooting

  • Purchase kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, and building supplies

  • Purchase office supplies including toner/paper for copier, postage, coffee/snacks, and printer ink cartridges; ensure a supply of pens, pencils, highlighters, felt tips pens, and flip charts as needed for church meetings and by renters and other guests, in addition to requested sound and A/V equipment

  • Purchase office equipment in conjunction with the Technology Coordinator

  • Work closely with the Resource Management Committee


  • Respond in a timely manner to all phone calls, texts, emails, and voicemail, whether working onsite or remotely

  • Manage the Facilities Email and voicemail

  • Monitor Calvary email and voicemail when the Pastoral Assistant is out of the office

  • Handle the calendar scheduling of any group (Calvary or external) that uses Calvary space, including virtual space (zoom, YouTube)

  • Coordinate scheduling and logistics of special events such as weddings and memorial services and work with Pastoral Administrative Assistant for printing needs

  • Work with Accounting to resolve all anomalous invoices related to the building and property

  • Manage all aspects of building/property insurance, including coverage, billing, and claims

  • Manage Entry TV Slides to provide welcoming and informative presence for all who use the building

  • Work with office volunteers to monitor door, answer phones, and complete office projects when Pastoral Assistant is out of the office

  • Provide input to Calvary budget development process and ensure areas of responsibility stay within budget


  • Attend staff meetings as requested and participate in staff development activities as requested

  • Attend Church Council meetings as requested

  • Meet with the Staff Relations Committee or a Staff Relations representative as requested

  • Attend Resource Management meetings or other Committee Meetings as requested

  • Greet all who walk in our building or property with a helpful and willing spirit

  • Support staff members in ensuring their ministry needs as related to the building and property are met


Proficient In: Microsoft 365 (including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint); Adobe Acrobat; Slack

Willing to Learn: ServantKeeper Church Management Software; basic website updating


Core Competencies:

· Enthusiasm and Compassion—exhibits a positive, energetic attitude and a genuine love for all peoples and is sympathetic to diverse individuals, family composition, and life journeys

· Ethics and Integrity—makes decisions and acts in accordance with Christian values and the vision and mission of Calvary

· Interpersonal Skills—uses active listening skills, accepts constructive criticism for growth, is patient, speaks and acts with respect to all, and is flexible and forgiving

· Organization and Initiative—is strategically minded, creative, and proactive in planning

· Communication—communicates clearly, effectively, directly, and in a timely manner (verbally and in writing)

· Results Driven—has a heart for ministry programs that support Calvary’s mission, connect Calvary to the community, and promote deeper relationships and faith development within Calvary’s membership

· Leadership Courage—acts with confidence in directing, coordinating, supervising, and evaluating volunteers

· Flexible, Adaptable, & Understanding—works as a team player alongside diverse personalities and work styles, with a desire to serve and the ability to compromise

· Embraces and Encourages Diversity— supports Inclusion Statement (stated at top of document)


SALARY - $38,000-$40,000 a year

Interested in applying? Please email employment@calvarydenver.org with your resume and cover letter.