At Calvary, we worship with deep passion and a commitment to authenticity, welcoming people from many Christian backgrounds as we blend tradition and innovation. We are grounded in the wisdom of scripture and the essential nature of sermon, or proclamation, while also bringing and sharing relevant messages that apply to life in the 21st century.

Worship at Calvary draws both from the wisdom of scripture and from the news headlines of today, and evaluates them as they intersect in our daily lives. Calvary’s pastors connect through worship by sharing meaningful messages, offering uniquely fresh perspectives, and being insightful, powerful and real.

Elements of our worship at Calvary


Transitioning from our life in the world to our life together in the presence of God.


A time to observe silence and prepare for worship while hearing a musical piece that enhances the season of the Christian year.

Praising and Singing

These elements help us all fully participate in worship, recognizing God’s greatness and power.


We pray in worship with both spoken and silent prayers.


Giving allows us the opportunity to joyfully extend support for the church in the spirit of being part of the meaningful work of the church.


Pastors preach a sermon during worship which consists of their interpreting a text, and sharing that interpretation, so that that truth may come alive in our living.


All present are invited to make Jesus Christ the Lord of our lives and publicly affirm the desire to become his disciple, as well as to become a member of Calvary.


The words of the Benediction, delivered by the pastor, send us forth with the blessing of God’s power over our lives.


A song played with the intention of providing a bridge from your encounter with God in worship to your service for God in the world.