About Calvary Baptist Church

People of Grace

Calvary Baptist Church is a diverse community of people who embrace the varied and ever-changing life circumstances of others, and who are open to many different understandings of God.

Calvary’s people are people of grace, not just in word but in practice: toward one another, toward those seeking understanding and meaning in their lives, and to the greater community and world.

Whether you stop in for more information about us, to join us for worship or a small group, or to attend a Calvary event, we welcome you!

Our approach to worship...

We believe that the wisdom of Scripture opens up new ways of thinking about our lives and that it is wholly relevant today.  Our philosophy is to take the Bible seriously rather than literally. Using that approach, we worship intentionally, drawing from ancient Christian tradition, while also incorporating new ways of worshiping God that are creative, intellectually engaging, and spiritually fulfilling.

Who We Are

The vision and values of a church that is open to all, closed to none.

What We Believe

Our core beliefs about scripture, worship, and our version of being Baptist.

What Is Being Baptist Anyway?

Check out our Free to Be series here, where we explored Baptist principles, associations, ordinances and identity.

Our History

An overview of Calvary's history up to 2016.

Meet the Leadership

Learn about Calvary's key areas of leadership.

Become a Member

How to be active in our community and how to become a member.