Hospital Visits

Calvary’s mission is to be a Christ-like community that experiences and shares God’s love. Calvary, therefore, wants to support those who are ill, especially when a member is in the hospital. The pastoral staff, Church School classes, and ministry teams make every effort to visit members who are hospitalized.

Please call the church office when you become aware of a hospitalization so that a visit can be arranged. Call 303 757 8421 ext 3 to reach the Pastor on Call.


Counseling - Praying - Appointments

Life really is unpredictable. Everyone is vulnerable to unexpected illness, personal and family problems, accidents, losses, and changes. At times like these, individuals or families may need someone to talk with in order to gain some spiritual and emotional insight that will help them through crisis.

All the pastoral staff is available to talk with individuals or families during such times. However, no one on the Calvary staff can offer ongoing therapy; persons requiring more than one or two informal counseling sessions will be referred to licensed professional counselors.

VIP's (Very Inspiring Persons)

Some of Calvary’s members have developed physical limitation that will not permit them to continue regular involvement in church or community activities. sometimes find their physical limitations will not permit them to continue regular involvement in church or community activities. Calvary reaches out to them in a variety of ways.

Worship services may be watched on a YouTube channel by searching the internet for YouTube and then searching the YouTube site for "Calvary Baptist Church of Denver." Sermons are available at the kiosk and can be mailed upon request.

VIPs are visited by Pastor Mary and they also receive our newsletter in the mail.

To request visits, add a VIP, or volunteer for visiting, please contact Rev. Mary Armacost Hulst