When it comes to raising children today, it can be both a great joy and an ultimate challenge.

It is our belief that you can’t do it alone (neither could we). That is why our approach in our Preschool and Children’s Ministry is to partner with you, your children, and your entire family.

We are passionate about providing ministries for young children that nurture each developmental stage, and that foster their experience of God’s love by teaching them about God’s amazing grace and the meaningful essentials of the Christian faith. We also believe it is important to give your children opportunities to participate in worship experiences, and to offer support and education for you, so that you may foster spiritual growth in your children through your everyday life experiences.

Nursery serves children from birth through their Pre-Kindergarten year and is provided year-round, during both Church School and Worship hours.

Classes are divided by age:

Infants (birth through approximately 12 to 15 months) are cared for in the Infant Room.  We believe that faith education begins at birth, so babies at Calvary learn trust and security through the love and care provided by our nursery staff.  They also enjoy listening to songs and participating in interactive play with our infant workers.

Toddlers (children who are confident walkers through 35 months) are cared for in the Toddlers ministry. In this classroom, young children are exposed to simple songs and ‘finger plays,’ movement activities, and interactive Bible stories geared to their age.  Simple art and sensory learning activities are used to teach Bible lessons and early prayer skills. We also provide support that helps you nurture their experience, including activities you can engage in at home.

Preschool cares for children ages three through Pre-Kindergarten.

At this level, Preschoolers are exposed to a range of Bible stories through active, hands-on play and learning activities. Crafts, music, snacks and games are used to engage learners.

At Calvary, we witness and believe in the fact that Bible truths become more meaningful when accessed through direct learning experiences. Our Preschool activities help the children expand their understanding of God's love and develop an excitement about being at church, while also reinforcing essential Biblical messages. 

We also give you, as their parents, meaningful activities you can implement at home that help your children continue to build their understanding of the Bible, as well as early prayer and worship skills within the family setting. 

Elementary cares for school-age children (Kindergarten through Grade Five), and is provided year-round during the Church School hour.

At Calvary, we realize that Elementary age children tend to internalize what they experience more deeply than things they just hear, see or read.  That’s why we’ve adopted the Workshop Rotation Model for our school-age children.

This model is an innovative approach in Christian Education that allows children (and their teachers) to experience the stories of the Bible through hands-on participation in a variety of exciting workshops over a three- to four-week period. This type of focused, experiential learning promotes a better understanding of Biblical truths and concepts in ways that children tend to learn best.

Children who experience these extraordinary classes are grouped by age level, and since one story remains the focus for a multi-week period of time (as opposed to jumping quickly onto “the next thing”), there is ample opportunity for them to experience, apply and truly internalize the message.

Workshops are designed to meet each age group’s level of development and are taught by caring and compassionate adults with deep interest or proven expertise in their workshop areas.  The workshops vary from each unit and may include:

  • Art
  • Music  / Movement
  • Cooking
  • Drama
  • Science