Who We Are

Theological Foundation

Through the witness of Scripture and lived experience, Calvary believes that all people are beloved children of God:

•  God names each person as Beloved.
•  Jesus proclaims everyone’s belovedness without condition.
•  The Spirit equips each of us to claim our beloved identity and uniquely live out its truth in our lives.


Calvary’s vision is to be Open to All, Closed to None.

Inclusivity Statement: This statement was approved by vote of the congregation in 2011 and is an important part of who we are, so that all who come know what we mean by "open to all, closed to none":

Calvary welcomes and affirms all people as children of God from every cultural and religious background, sexual orientation, family composition, physical and mental ability, economic means, race, age and gender.


Calvary’s mission is to be a Christ-like community that experiences and shares God’s love.


Calvary is a community shaped by the Spirit of Christ that strives to name, claim, and proclaim belovedness:
•  As we worship God, we come to know our identity as a Beloved Child of God.
•  As we gather together, we learn to live out our faith without fear.
•  As we serve with others, we risk our comfort for the sake of God’s justice in the world.


Our values support our growth in becoming the Beloved Community. We value:
•  Compassion
•  Diversity
•  Fellowship
•  Hospitality (Welcoming)
•  Inclusivity
•  Open-minded theology
•  Serving with others
•  Spiritual growth
•  Worship

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