Calvary's Youth Group

The youth ministry at Calvary Denver strives to create an environment for our junior and senior high students where they can build community together as they engage their local communities around Denver. As our youth learn the stories of our ancestors in faith, they are encouraged to reflect on how their own faith stories add to the Christian narrative. Our students are invited to ask tough questions as they begin to take ownership of their faith journey and grow into young adults capable of articulating their own beliefs.

2023/2024 Youth Group Gatherings

The youth group schedule this year is 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month following worship in the Youth Lounge and we will gather until 2pm; unless we are planning to go offsite and may need to go past 2pm but that will be communicated. 

Our time together will include cooking and sharing a meal together and exploring ways to make it through life.  Things we will explore will be how to cook, change a tire, navigate school, file taxes, looking for a job, applying for an apartment, etc. These are experiences we hear from students that they wish they could learn in school or at least before they graduate. With that request we will learn these aspects of life together in our community. As we move through the year we can add or adjust any of the experiences based on student feedback or requests.

This year's youth leaders are: Taylor Goodman (she/they) has been at Calvary since birth and Nyabauth Tuom (she/her) has been at Calvary since she was in early elementary.This amazing team of leaders is supported by Min. Angela Leonard who was been serving at Calvary since 2018, and has been at Calvary since birth.