Discernment- Regional Affiliation

Discernment - Regional Affiliation

View the letter to the congregation that was sent out on August 15.

Updated FAQs Sheet (after questions raised at September 19 meeting)

Watch September 19 Congregational Meeting

Watch August 22 Congregational Meeting

View PowerPoint presented by Discernment Team at September 19 Meeting

Watch Zoom Meeting with Rev. Doug Avilesbernal

Watch Zoom Meeting with Rev. Dr. Steve Van Ostran

Other Important Documents

Comparison Chart Between ABCRM & Evergreen Region

Calvary Baptist Church & ABCUSA Ordination Recognition

Pastor Anne's Letter to ABCUSA on Ordination Recognition

Letter from ABCUSA to Pastor Anne: Page 1, Page 2


American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains website

Evergreen Association website

Calvary sermon series, particularly August 15

Presentation to Calvary Council - Rev. Doug Avilesbernal (Executive Minister- Evergreen Association)

Contact the Discernment Team - email discernmentteam@calvarydenver.org