February 23, 2018

 2018: A Year of Invitation                                             

 We continue "An Invitational Lent" by exploring our second 2018 INVITE CHALLENGE:  NOTICE  

 The second word in our 2018 INVITE Challenge (see below) is NOTICE. When we are in our routines of attending the classes and ministries with which we naturally connect, sometimes we do not notice all of the other opportunities for ministry that are all around us. Noticing what is already happening in our church will not only help us identify why we love this church, it will also give us a wider glimpse of how we are being the hands and feet of Christ in the world and how those we might invite to Calvary can connect in areas of ministry of specific interest to them.

Look over this list of some of the areas of ministry that we have at Calvary (it' s not all inclusive). Take note of 2-3 ministries that you do not know much about.

This Sunday and in the coming weeks, ask around at Calvary to see if you can find out more about the ministries with which you are less familiar.

Becoming knowledgeable about more of the opportunities at Calvary will equip you to welcome guests and connect members in more intentional ways. When you pick up on an interest in a conversation with someone, you might be able to say, "Hey, we have a ministry for that at you know about it?"  Through learning about more of Calvary's ministries, you might also be able to see gaps or areas of ministry that need more focus - and please let us know about those as you notice them.

The more we NOTICE how Christ is alive and at work within Calvary, the more we are better informed to INVITE folks to join us in mission and ministry.

As Mary Oliver begins her Instructions for Living a Life..."Pay attention,"

~ Pastor Anne