March 02, 2018

2018: A Year of Invitation

We begin "An Invitational Lent" by exploring our first 2018 INVITE CHALLENGE:


The first word in our 2018 INVITE Challenge (see below) is VOICE. We continue "An Invitational Lent" by exploring our second 2018 INVITE CHALLENGE:  VOICE 

The second word in our 2018 INVITE Challenge is VOICE. This is all about speaking out loud to others how you see God working in your life or the world and telling people what you find meaningful about Calvary. It can be intimidating or uncomfortable to talk to others about faith or church, but there are easy ways to working "God" and "church" into your everyday interactions with folks.

At our Council meetings each month we share out loud with each other our "church highlights" from the past month. It's a way of getting in the practice of verbalizing all the great stuff that is happening at Calvary. Answers this past month ranged from "Jim Comstock's Welcome and Time of Greeting really made me feel connected and it set the tone for a great worship service," to "The youth's testimonies and talents at the Dinner Dance were really inspiring; we have such diverse, articulate, and thoughtful youth," to "I thought our Council Retreat was a highlight; people were engaged and there was energy around the tables," to "My Church School class is amazing; they have been such a support to me during a hard time," to "The Living Sabbath retreat was a time of connection and spiritual renewal; Brad and Rita's leadership was amazing and the group was intergenerational and diverse." The more we talk about what is meaningful to us at Calvary with one another, the more comfortable we get and the more likely we are to share that passion with others outside of Calvary.

Here are some other EASY ways to give VOICE to what is happening at Calvary. Help us spread the word. And don't forget to fill out your 2018 INVITE CHALLENGE and turn it in before Easter!

Facebook (these same ideas can be applied to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.)

  • Check-in at Calvary when you are here for an event and write a tag-line:
    • “Looking forward to worship today at Calvary”
    • “Making dinner for families who are homeless for Family Promise this week."
    • “Enjoying a chili lunch with the Calvary’s Men’s Group”
    • “Just got elected to Council at Calvary’s Annual Meeting tonight…looking forward to a great year!”
  • Like an event, photo, sermon, video, or post that is on Calvary’s page
  • Share an event, photo, sermon, Advent devotional, BELOVED video, or another post on your Facebook page
    • Example of comment to engage: "Did you go to the Stock show this year? Listen to my pastor talk about Mutton Bustin’ and what it has to do with life and faith" (begin at minute #:##...)
  • Create a post and tag Calvary
    • Post a photo from a Calvary gathering (worship, Avalanche game, lunch bunch, retreat, GPS group, etc.)
    • Post a quote from the Order of Worship or from a sermon and tag Calvary
    • “Loved this quote in the sermon today....(write quote)….” then tag Calvary
  • Like our Mission Partner’s pages (Metro Caring, Habitat, Family Promise of Greater Denver, etc.)
    • Re-post and/or Share their articles and pictures and write, “So glad to partner with Metro Caring through my church Calvary Baptist...grateful for their work as they address hunger in Denver!”

Branding (Wear your Calvary t-shirt or use your Calvary koozie, pen, journal, candle, mug, cup, etc in public)

Share with a Friend over Lunch or at the Gym or in a Text about God/faith

  • "Did you see the amazing sunset last night? We are so lucky to have the beauty of God's creation on display for us each and every day in Colorado."
  • in response to "how are you?": "Pretty good I've been praying for my friend, so-and-so, and so she's really been on my mind, but other than that things are going really well for me right now."
  • In response to "It's been a while...how have you been?": "The kids are doing well - hockey season is in full swing and the schedules are crazy, but I have been finding balance by going to this prayer group/Bible study at my church, etc...."

Write Notes and/or Texts and/or E-mails to friends & mention church and/or Calvary

  • “During the prayer time today at my church, we prayed for a few folks that have cancer, and I thought of you and your journey…know that I’m praying for you and I’m here for you.”
  • “One of the youth at our church played the drums in worship today and it made me think of your son, (name). I hope he’s enjoying his time in the band this fall. Let me know when his next concert is…I’d love to come!”
  • “I heard this quote at church this morning and it made me think of you and/or it reminded me of you…(write quote)…”
  • “Just heard that the men’s group at my church is going to a hockey game. Want to go? The tickets are a great price!”

~ Pastor Anne