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April 13, 2018

    I've been on Calvary's staff for almost two weeks now. Matt and I moved into our apartment, and I immediately began making a list in my head of the household supplies we would need. That list plus groceries was becoming incredibly overwhelming. Imagine my surprise when Morgan and Anne show me a hidden stockpile of every item on that list, all from Calvary members who plotted together in the tradition of a "pounding" or gifting. It was truly an answered prayer.

    Just last night, my Calvary colleagues spent their Thursday after work (Thursday nights are often a minister's "Friday night") helping us move our incredibly heavy furniture into our apartment. Amidst all the whirlwind stress of moving cross-country, I really had to step back and thank God for all of you.

     I was already so excited and hopeful about investing our future here, and these last two weeks have only furthered my belief that every 1,836 miles we drove to get here was well worth it. Thank you for such a warm welcome!


-Pastor Alice

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