Breads and Cloths Needed for World Communion Sunday

September 16, 2019

Breads & Cloths Needed for World Communion Sunday

We need your help in making our altar and communion display a true celebration of our diverse and beautiful world and congregation. We especially need help purchasing breads and cloths from around the world. Please choose a bread from the list below, and email Brenda Goodman( to confirm your selection. Bring one loaf or equivalent family-sized portion of your bread to the church office on Wed. or Thurs., Oct 2nd-3rd. If you have a cloth or piece of fabric from another country that you would be willing to contribute to our display, please email Brenda. Cloths may be dropped off in the church office by Sunday, Sept. 29 (please label with your name). Thank you in advance for helping us create a beautiful worship experience!

  • Habesha (Ethiopian)

  • Injura (East Africa)

  • Naan (India)

  • Black Forest Rye (Germany)

  • Kaiser Rolls (Austria)

  • Corn Bread (Native American)

  • Challah (Egypt)

  • Bagels (Poland)

  • Lavash (Armenian)

  • Tortilla (Mexico)

  • Ciabatta (Italian) 

  • Baguette (France)

  • OR…any other bread that you can think of from another country or tradition that is special to you. 

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