World Mission Offering

October 01, 2019

Throughout the month of October, we are receiving the American Baptist International Ministries’ World Mission Offering (WMO). Through the WMO, we join with other congregations to come together for a time of awareness, advocacy, and action for global mission as we celebrate and support the ministries that God is using to transform the world. For the 2019 World Mission Offering, International Ministries (IM) is highlighting the Ministry Priorities of Evangelism and Discipleship, Immigrants and Refugees and Education. While these represent only a fraction of IM’s ministries, they provide a window into what God is doing worldwide through our 123 global servants, 900+ volunteers, 43 home staff and 250+ global partners. Calvary’s 2019 WMO goal is $6,000. Please give generously to the World Mission Offering throughout October as, together, we enable IM global servants to experience and share God’s love all over the world.

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Pray for our International Ministries Global Missionaries: