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Stewardship Update - Nov. 27, 2019

“I’m IN!” Stewardship Update (as of Nov. 27, 2019)

· 113 Commitment Cards received, representing 174 people at Calvary

· 74 increases in total pledge amounts from last year, totaling $40,306

· 9 new Commitment Cards received (new from last year), totaling $14,028

· $530,832 pledged

· $345,547 remaining to meet our 2020 budget goal 

· Potential of 130+ Commitment Cards yet to be received

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life…It makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” - Melodie Beattie

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Sermon Notes for December 1st Morning Worship

This Sunday we continue with the Narrative Lectionary and begin our four week series, Proclamation & Promise: The Prophetic Voices of Advent. The voice that leads the way for us is that of the Prophet Jeremiah. The promise “I will cause a righteous Branch to spring up for David; and he shall execute justice and righteousness in the land” is hope-filled, but it is not a naïve hope. Jeremiah is a prophet imprisoned by his own government (33:1). And the situation is, indeed, dire. The armies of Babylon under King Nebuchadnezzar are advancing on Jerusalem; the streets will soon be filled with death (33:4-5). The worst has not yet happened, but it is inevitable. Jerusalem is doomed. Jeremiah's many prophecies of judgment – prophecies that have landed him in prison – are coming true. Yet now, in the midst of catastrophe, the prophet finally speaks words of promise and hope.

Join us on Sunday as we discover why this promise of the restoration of the Davidic line is so hope-filled, and what it means for the people in such a devastating and overwhelming time of loss. Even today, how do we maintain hope and believe in the promise of a Messiah when we ourselves are surrounded by the abuse of power, loss, destruction, hunger, death, stress, illness, and loss of faith? What “branches of hope” can we extend today?

As we celebrate HOPE, we will place symbols of the season all around us as we “hang the greens” during worship. This is a wonderful service for the whole family – as there is a way for everyone to help us decorate our sanctuary with signs of hope, peace, joy, and love! Read More…

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Special Christmas Trees This Advent Season

Special Calvary Christmas Trees:
• Family Ornament Tree. You are invited to bring a special ornament from your own tree at home that tells
some aspect of your story. This tree is yet another way we can celebrate our individual stories as being rooted in
the greater story of God. Please send your name and a 10 to 20-word description of why the ornament is
significant to Pastor Morgan so she can make a label for it.
• The Tree of Remembrance & Hope is located in Fellowship Hall. You may write the name of a loved one
who has died who you are remembering this season, or the name of someone who needs prayer. Ornaments and
markers are provided.
• The Giving Tree is also located in Fellowship Hall. Choose an ornament to learn how you can support the
partnership that Calvary Baptist & New Hope Baptist have with Stedman Elementary. Read More…

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Jacob Goertz Ordination

Sun. Dec. 8 - 10:30 a.m. – Jacob Goertz Ordination – Join us for this special worship service as Calvary
ordains Jacob Goertz to the gospel ministry. As children of God we are all called to serve one another. Within our
Christian tradition, Jesus’ life and ministry embodied this call and his teachings command us to do the same. In
addition to this general calling to all Christians, some are called to specific ministries. Calvary will formally
acknowledge Jacob’s gifts and calling to the gospel ministry through prayer, commissioning, and the laying on of
hands. We celebrate the pastoral and prophetic ministry Jacob offers to all the communities in which he serves,
including Calvary. A reception will follow in Fellowship Hall. Read More…

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Stewardship Update Nov 20,2019

“I’m IN!” Stewardship Update (as of Nov. 20, 2019)

• 95 Commitment Cards received, representing 147 people at Calvary

• 61 increases in pledge over last year

• 8 first time Commitment Cards received

• $447,482 pledged

• $428,897 remaining to meet our 2020 budget goal

“For all that has been—thanks. For all that will be—yes.” - Dag Hammarskjold Read More…

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Vigil to Remember Victims of Gun Violence

All Calvary members are invited to join us along with First Plymouth to participate in the Vigil. Please join us at First Plymouth at 3:30 for refreshments and send off. Please take warm clothes and a flashlight or head lamp to light up the poster you will be holding. We will gather on the 4 corners of Colorado and Hampden at about 4:00 and will finish at 5:00. This will give us time to get back to Calvary for the choir concert. Read More…

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Final Habitat Build Date is Nov. 22

Fri. Nov. 22 – Habitat Helpers Build – 8:50 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. – 2770 W. College Ave. Denver, CO 80219. Join us as we build a 2-story home alongside new Habitat family Donna & Christopher and kids. Volunteers
who want to help build may contact Ken Pinkham (303-470-1306 or to sign-up. Read More…

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Christmas Concert & Holiday Reception

Sun. Dec. 8 – 6:00 p.m. – Calvary Christmas Concert & Holiday Reception - Sanctuary & Fellowship Hall. This year, the Calvary Choir and Festival Chamber Orchestra will present On This Shining Night, a beautiful
contemporary cantata by Lee and Susan Dengler featuring Pastor Anne Scalfaro and Evan Hicks, narrators. Following the concert there will be a reception in the Fellowship Hall with a craft time for the children. Read More…

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Advent Healing & Wholeness Service

This service offers a place for those who are grieving, overwhelmed, struggling with illness, tired, depressed, seeking hope, or just needing or just needing some quiet, contemplative time in the midst of this season's fullness. With grace, all are welcomed to dwell in sorrow and in hope. Come for a time of music, visual liturgy, rituals, sharing and candle lighting, and community support as we anticipate, once again, the light of Christ coming into the dark corners and quiet places of our lives, illuminating our greatest fears, hurts, and doubts. 

You are encouraged to invite friends and neighbors who also might be experiencing loss this season or anyone who just needs a quiet space during this busy season. This service offers a very welcoming, “guest-friendly” atmosphere. 

There is a cookies and punch reception following the service to continue the time of connection and fellowship. Stephen Ministers will also be available if you would like to talk with someone more privately or receive prayer.

Pastor Anne will be leading the service with music by Rev. Brad Berglund. Read More…

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Sign Up for Family Promise!

Sign-up for Family Promise Host Week Dec. 1-8. Stop by and see what volunteer spot you are able to fill to
provide hospitality to our families. From cooking to overnight hosts
to laundry to van driving, every volunteer is greatly appreciated!
(Family Promise provides shelter & resources for families
experiencing homelessness or in vulnerable housing; Calvary is a
host shelter site for week-long intervals throughout the year.) Read More…

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Donate Locally to Habitat for Humanity!

Do you donate money to Habitat for Humanity? If so, read below!

We have heard that some Calvary members are donating money directly to Habitat for Humanity at the national office. If you do, please consider instead giving to Habitat locally. Here’s why:
Calvary is part of Habitat Helpers Coalition and we are building our 14th Habitat house in the Denver Area. The cost Habitat Helpers pays to sponsor a house is $85,000, which is shared by the churches in the Habitat Helpers Coalition. Calvary’s portion is $5,000 ($2,000 of this comes from the Missions portion of Calvary’s budget; the remainder comes from individuals).
When you give to Habitat, whether nationally or locally, you are supporting the same organization – so why not give locally through Calvary and Habitat Helpers? It’s a win/win situation: Calvary meets our goal for Habitat Helpers and you support the organization you love. This holiday season, if you get an email or a letter in the mail from Habitat asking for a donation, let that be your reminder to give to Habitat, but to do so through Calvary! Simply write a check to Calvary Baptist Church and write “Habitat Helpers” in the memo line. Read More…

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Annual Reports Due December 1

Sun. Dec. 1 – Annual Reports Due. As we prepare for our Annual meeting, we need all who are chair, president, teacher, head, coordinator, etc. of any group at Calvary to submit your annual report to Pastor Alice. Thank you! Read More…

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Commitment Cards Due December 8th

If you have not yet received your stewardship packet, please contact Lori Grohskopf or call the church office. If you did not bring your pledge on November 17th, please ensure that we have received your Commitment Cards by December 8, 2019 so that we can plan responsibly in our budget reconciliation process. Read More…

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Hanging of the Greens & Family Ornament Tree

Sun. Dec. 1 – 10:30 a.m. - Hanging of the Greens & Family Ornament Tree. Read More…

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Bootstraps & Blessings Client Appreciation

 Mons. Dec 9, 16, & 23 – Volunteers, Soups, Bread, & Treats Needed for Bootstraps & Blessings Client Appreciation. Although we had a very successful luncheon for those experiencing homelessness this past year at First Baptist Church, this year we will focus on serving our Bootstraps clientele in our neighborhood. We've decided to host a soup meal for our clientele on three Mondays during Bootstrap hours. We need your help volunteering the day of, providing soup, bread, treats, and more.

Signups to help will be in the Narthex starting Nov. 10th or email Pat Hagen ( if you want to help or have questions. (Bootstraps & blessings is an onsite ministry at Calvary that provides for those in need of food bags, grocery/gas gift cards, showers, laundry, phone calls, prayer, resourcing, etc.) Read More…

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Nativity Narthex Display

Narthex Display - Do you have a nativity set that you would be willing to loan for Calvary's narthex exhibit? This exhibit will be set up Thanksgiving week in order to be ready for the first Sunday of Advent on December 1. So, if you have a special or unusual nativity, large or small, that we can borrow until the first of the year, please contact Cindy DeHate ( or Robyn Warren ( Read More…

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Advent Devotional Writers Needed!

Thurs. Nov 21 - Advent Devotionals Due. Read More…

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