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Donate Locally to Habitat for Humanity!

November 10, 2019

Do you donate money to Habitat for Humanity? If so, read below!

We have heard that some Calvary members are donating money directly to Habitat for Humanity at the national office. If you do, please consider instead giving to Habitat locally. Here’s why: Calvary is part of Habitat Helpers Coalition and we are building our 14th Habitat house in the Denver Area. The cost Habitat Helpers pays to sponsor a house is $85,000, which is shared by the churches in the Habitat Helpers Coalition. Calvary’s portion is $5,000 ($2,000 of this comes from the Missions portion of Calvary’s budget; the remainder comes from individuals). When you give to Habitat, whether nationally or locally, you are supporting the same organization – so why not give locally through Calvary and Habitat Helpers? It’s a win/win situation: Calvary meets our goal for Habitat Helpers and you support the organization you love. This holiday season, if you get an email or a letter in the mail from Habitat asking for a donation, let that be your reminder to give to Habitat, but to do so through Calvary! Simply write a check to Calvary Baptist Church and write “Habitat Helpers” in the memo line.