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Special Christmas Trees This Advent Season

November 25, 2019

Special Calvary Christmas Trees:

• Family Ornament Tree. You are invited to bring a special ornament from your own tree at home that tells some aspect of your story. This tree is yet another way we can celebrate our individual stories as being rooted in the greater story of God. Please send your name and a 10 to 20-word description of why the ornament is significant to Pastor Morgan so she can make a label for it.

• The Tree of Remembrance & Hope is located in Fellowship Hall. You may write the name of a loved one who has died who you are remembering this season, or the name of someone who needs prayer. Ornaments and markers are provided.

• The Giving Tree is also located in Fellowship Hall. Choose an ornament to learn how you can support the partnership that Calvary Baptist & New Hope Baptist have with Stedman Elementary.