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Stewardship Update as of Dec. 4, 2019

December 04, 2019

If you were in the congregation on November 17, or watched the live stream, you heard me exhort you to be "IN" with our stewardship campaign. It's coming up on the ninth inning, and we need your pledges, your increased pledges, your financial commitments for the coming year. There is a difference between being "IN," and being "ALL IN." It is not too late to increase your pledge, or increase it more. I hope, if you are not tithing already, that you will at least make a percentage step toward that goal, to be ALL IN. - John Kron, Stewardship Chair

“I’m IN!” Stewardship Update (as of Dec. 4, 2019) 


·         118 Commitment Cards received, representing 181 people at Calvary 

·         77 increases in total pledge amounts from last year, totaling $41,006

·         9 new Commitment Cards received (new from last year), totaling $14,028

·         $548,552 pledged to date

·         $327,827  remaining to meet our 2020 budget goal  

·         Potential of 125+ Commitment Cards yet to be received



Calvary is a congregation-supported church. We do not receive outside funding for our operating budget. Your commitment for 2020 is essential for our ministries and vision. Robert Emmons says,  “Gratitude takes us outside ourselves, where we see ourselves as part of a larger, intricate network of sustaining relationships, relationships that are mutually reciprocal.”  Thank you for IN-vesting in Calvary and in the ministries and relationships that give our lives meaning!