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Baby Shower Thank You

January 22, 2020

Baby Shower Thank You

Calvary, words are not sufficient in capturing the gratitude and deep appreciation we have for you all as you helped us celebrate the upcoming birth of our child. For the wonderful shower that allowed us to share time with so many of you and where we were able to laugh, share stories, and receive blessings we are so thankful! While we know how excited we are to be in the final month of our pregnancy and awaiting the arrive of our kiddo, we were overwhelmed by the ways you shared in our excitement – not surprised by any means but certainly overwhelmed. We look forward to sharing the news of the arrival of our little one and until then we continue to be carried by your prayers for a healthy transition from pregnancy to deliver and first days as new parents.


We wanted to take just a moment to thank those who threw our shower. Thank you for your organization and all the behind the scenes work you did!

Nadou Lawson

Stephan Barry 

Mick and Jan Davey

Katherine Pound

Amalie Haas

Cathy O’Brien

Lorene, DJ, & Jada Walker

Maddy Newhouse 

Brenda, John, & Nathan Goodman

Emily, Lucy, & Carly Crile


To those who provided the delicious snack’ems for our shower, thank you! Your brownies, cookies, and treats were so tasty!

Cathy O’Brien

Katherine Pound

Jennifer & Alexandria Jonell

Nina Hammon Jahn

Denise Wylde

Lynda & Gordon Pelton

Abby & Nita Brown

Jeanine Crane


Whether you were able to join us at our shower or not, we have felt your love, prayers, and support during this journey of welcoming children into our family. Calvary we are so thankful for the ways you have held us in our sorrow of previous pregnancy losses and how you have helped us lean in to the audaciousness of hope as we have experienced this pregnancy. Thank you for continuing the journey as we pray for a healthy baby to join us in just a few weeks (or whenever our kiddo decides it’s time to come)!


With Love & Thanksgiving,

Ian & Morgan Fletcher