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Call for Musical Talent on Film!

April 23, 2020

Hello Calvary! We are actively asking all our talented musicians in our congregation to consider submitting music videos to be used in upcoming online Sunday morning services. By doing this, it gives us more variety of music while also showcasing Calvary’s talents!

We’ve already seen, heard, and been blessed by some excellent singing by the Crile sisters and Anne Comstock, and Michael Jonell played his marimba solo for our offertory last Sunday. They were all wonderful! Karen Folgate just recorded a version of “Holy, Holy, Holy” on her banjo, which we’ll use for the offertory on May 3.

Don’t be shy – since you’re already sheltered at home, feel free to sing or play something, make your video, save it, and then let us know you have it ready to go by sending an email to David at Please include the title and composer/arranger of your piece. Although we may not use it immediately, we can opt to insert it later in future services or even other online events. Please know that you must agree with having your video on YouTube, since it’s the way we present our services. Hope to see and hear many of you!