A Letter from Ms. Angela

September 24, 2020

Greetings Calvary!
    I am excited to be writing to you, and can’t wait for the day when I get to see all of you inside the beautiful stained-glass sanctuary which I miss so much.
   Like everyone,  COVID-19 has created significant challenges. I didn’t get to complete my last college course in person; I served guests at the Brewery by canning their beverages and placing their to-go food on the counter to maintain distancing; and I wear masks in front of a classroom of two-year-old’s who are just beginning to figure out language and social-emotional skills but yet are not able to see my lips move.  While it is hard not to focus on the negatives while rolling out of bed and throwing on our masks as we step outside, there have also been many positives! I have liked this Pandemic time. That’s right, I said LIKED!
The initial shock of it all was tough. Am I going to have enough money? What am I supposed to do about childcare in order to keep my parents and grandparents safe? How will my jobs change, and can I manage them?
    However, one of my greatest positives during this time has been having time at home with my family. It has made me realize how much I missed being home for dinner and putting Adelaide to bed. I have been working as a server at night for seven years but have been able to adjust my hours to have more time at home! Some of us may have had to try new things while we were quarantined. For me, I have done some house projects, taken care of a garden, binged-watched TV shows, played board games, played with Adelaide, and have enjoyed the simple moments with my family. I thank God that I am alive and well and have opportunities to enjoy God’s beautiful creation.  I am thankful that we are still able to worship as a Calvary family! We may not have the year that we had hoped for, but we DO have God.
    I pray that you are able to see the positives in the pandemic, Calvary. Stay safe, Stay well, Stay Blessed.


Angela Leonard