Register to Enroll in the Fall Cohort of Facing Racism with Soul 2 Soul Sisters

April 09, 2021

    As we seek to engage in the on-going work of anti-racism as a congregation, you are invited to deepen your understanding and engagement in this work by enrolling in the Fall Soul 2 Soul Sisters Facing Racism Cohort: The only program of its kind, Soul 2 Soul Sisters hosts Facing Racism cohorts comprised of mostly white people from various religious traditions in centering Black Womxn, Black experiences and Black liberation. The Facing Racism facilitators are four inter-racial, inter-religious, racial justice experts who are Womxn. Through seven sessions - that include poetry, music, articles, books and videos on theological and sociological topics - and follow-up support, participants enter the intellectual, emotional and spiritual process of engaging in anti-racist self-liberation work, educating and eliminating racism within personal circles, and leading racial justice work in congregations/organizations toward cultivating hospitable and just communities.” Learn more here.

Seventeen Calvary members have completed a cohort; here are a few testimonies of their experiences:

  • "Going through the Facing Racism Cohort was an intense experience that spoke to my intellect, my emotions, and my desire to act. I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to delve into the issues of racism on such a personal level with other women from Calvary. I have grown in my understanding of racial injustice and want to be able to do my part in bringing awareness to my friends and family." - Margie Jonell

  • “Facing racism was a life-changing experience. S2S Sisters’ staff guided me with love, challenge, joy, pain and learning to open my mind and heart and call me to action. Join us on this journey!” – Anne Comstock

  • “The Facing Racism Cohort was an eye-, mind-, and heart-opening experience for me.  Knowing I had spent too little time thinking about race previously, the Cohort vastly expanded my limited, white-centered worldview and challenged many of my assumptions.”  - Susan Wirt

  • “I wanted a more in depth understanding of the extent of the racial divide in our country and any new positive strategies to counter systemic racism and white supremacy thinking. The cohort provided a wealth of materials, resources and small group experiences that I have found to be very beneficial as I continue to work on these goals." – Sandra Shreve

  • “I encourage you to choose to participate in the Soul 2 Soul Sisters Facing Racism Cohort, because it just might be one of the most profound experiences you've ever been a part of. It is filled with richness in community through ritual, healing, joy, and reverence, with eye and heart opening, transformative moments, expanding one's understanding of white supremacy, and gifting you with an abundance of resources, wise and kind teachers, with blessing and inspiration to continue the sacred and necessary work of self reflection and anti-racism.” – Brenda Goodman

  • “This cohort engages the work of anti-racism from a space of healing, self-care, and imagination – reflecting on what we are working FOR, not just what we are working against. The homework is intellectually and emotionally stimulating and the facilitation of S2S’s staff creates a sacred space for sharing and learning that is full of challenge and grace. S2S Sisters makes room for each participant to begin wherever they are on the journey of understanding white supremacy culture and systemic racism and invites you to grow from that place.” – Anne Scalfaro


The 2021 Fall Cohort dates are Aug 1 (Sun), Aug 14 (Sat), Aug 29 (Sun), Sep 11 (Sat), Sep 26 (Sun), Oct 9 (Sat), Oct 24 (Sun). Each session meets from 5:00 - 7:30 p.m. Mountain Time via Zoom and attendance at all seven sessions is required. The cost is $300; in order to encourage as many Calvary members to participate as possible, scholarships (full or partial) are available. To register or to ask about a scholarship, contact Pastor Anne and she will direct you in next steps. If you would like to learn more or have questions, contact Pastor Anne and she will connect you with a Calvary member who has completed the cohort. (And in case you are wondering, yes, men are welcome to participate!)