Pastor Morgan Parental Leave Coverage Update

May 20, 2021

   Over the past month and a half I have been working on getting my work responsibilities covered so that I can go on parental leave when our daughter arrives. I am incredibly thankful to share with you all that thanks to 50 people (5 staff & 45 laity) I have my responsibilities covered. Whether you were asked to help with coverage and said yes OR no I am so grateful for your consideration of helping me cover my responsibilities. Thanks to these individuals I will be able to breathe easy knowing my responsibilities with our small groups, both worship services, Zoom support, and congregational life events will be in such good hands.
   For a quick reference if you have questions about my responsibilities or who to contact in my absence here is a brief guide. These are folks who will have the information you need or point you in the direction of who would.

  • For our Faith Formation small groups you can contact Cory Crile, Estela Schweissing, or Pastor Anne

  • For youth group please contact Gordon & Lynda Pelton, Denise Wylde, or Pastor Alice

  • For on-site room needs, for any ministry area I may support, please contact Lori as you would for any on-site reservation need

  • For Zoom reservations or support please contact Pastor Anne

  • For any questions about Calvary’s Parental Leave policy please contact Mick Davey, Chair of Staff relations

   This is not an exhaustive list of folks who may be able to answer questions you’d usually send my way, but the list above will be able to direct you to the person who can answer your question if they are not able to.
   While I’m on leave I will not be checking email or responding to work texts, this is a needed boundary for me since I know myself well enough that if I hop on just to check my email or if I just respond to one work text I will easily have my attention pulled back to work rather than at home with my kids. And that would be a disservice to my family, myself, and to you all who have graciously provided 12 weeks of paid parental leave. If you need to reach me regarding a work matter that is urgent, please contact Pastor Anne and she will help navigate that as needed.
   As I mentioned I won’t be responding to work-related correspondence, but that does not mean I will not respond to texts about non-work related matters. I highlight texts because that will be the least likely to wake or disrupt our kids and is something I can respond to when I have a moment to respond.
   I hope this update leaves you all feeling like you have the needed information you might want regarding my parental leave coverage or at least who you can contact if you have questions or need further information.
   Again, thank you so much to all who are helping cover my work responsibilities. AND, thank you to the whole congregation for the support you have extended to my family both with Julian’s arrival and “Rutabaga’s” upcoming arrival. We are so thankful to be able to be fully present at home as we become a family of four. One more thanks, thank you to those who have sent cards and gifts to help us welcome our kiddo.
   Thanks to all of you, I can work on the “If I get to it before leave, great, but not needed” items on my to-do list now. What a gift to welcome our kids to the Calvary community! While I missed the closing of the building due to being on leave with Julian and will most likely miss the re-opening of the building due to “Rutabaga’s” arrival, and that is a strange reality for me as one of your pastors but the Fletchers so look forward to greeting you all upon my return from parental leave.
   My words of gratitude do not capture how deep my thanks is for each and every one of you! Know that you will be in my prayers while I am away from you for 12 weeks.


God’s peace to you.

Pastor Morgan