How to Navigate Our YouTube Channel

July 13, 2021

Navigating YouTube can be a bit tricky at first. First, you have to find our YouTube channel. Go to and locate the search bar at the top- usually with a magnifying glass logo. Search "Calvary Baptist Church of Denver"or type in in your internet browser. If you have a YouTube account, you can subscribe to our channel. Click on the big red button that says subscribe, and receive notifications when we post a new video.

Once you're on our channel, it takes you to our home page.You can scroll down your page a little bit and find our past live streamed services and uploads. Or you can click on the VIDEOS tab. Here you will find everything we post in chronological order.

You can also click on the PLAYLISTS tab to see certain video categories, like Children's Ministry Videos, Holy Week 2021, Hymn Requests, etc.

Viewing on a computer

Viewing on a mobile device

Viewing our VIDEOS tab