Parental Leave Update from Pastor Alice

September 30, 2021

   Today (October 1) is my last day of work before my parental leave begins. I will be on leave for three months. No sign of baby girl making her entrance quite yet, but I am grateful for the ability to rest.

   Staff relations committee and staff have been sent my parental leave coverage document. Here is a brief outline of who to reach out to with those questions often sent my way.


  • The communications request form will be temporarily suspended until my return.

  • E-News submissions may be sent to Pastor Morgan ( by Tuesday of that week. If you send a submission too late, it will not make it in the email.

  • If you have an item to add to the prayer list, you can fill out the prayer card located in the pews during worship and place it in the offering plate. Pastors Anne and Morgan like to know these requests, so if you prefer email, please email them both with your request. Judy Goldman will be compiling the Prayer List.

  • Pastor Morgan is the Pastor on Point for The Gathering with Pastor Anne as back-up. We have several guest preachers lined up to preach in my absence, including Rev. Chuck Goertz, Rev. Sara Reynolds, Rev. Brenda Goodman, Rev. Daniel Schweissing, and Rev. Gordon Kieft.

  • My husband Matt, worship leader at The Gathering, is taking 3 Sundays off once baby arrives. We will have Rebecca Sarian as a guest worship leader for 2 of those Sundays. She works as the office manager at Heritage United Methodist Church, and is the worship leader at Crosspoint Community Church. For one of those Sundays, we will have Val Gregory as a vocalist and Holly Holverson providing musical lead on the piano. Holly is our regular pianist and Val is a vocalist at Heritage United Methodist. I hope that you will attend and welcome our guest musicians!

  • We are continuing the Gathering Communion Meal in my absence. On the first Sunday in October, November, and December, please come to the Gathering and stay after for a meal in the Fireplace Room. This is a way to celebrate the act of communion and fellowship like Jesus did with his disciples. Join us this Sunday, October 3 for a taco bar!

I will not be answering work-related emails or texts while I'm on leave. Thank you for understanding this needed boundary for me. I am so grateful to Calvary for taking care of their staff well. When other seminary colleagues and ministry acquaintances ask about my parental leave policy, they are all impressed with a church that gives paid leave for its pastors. This time away will help me heal and get to know our little girl who is the most important thing in our lives. I do not take this gift of rest for granted.


See you soon,

Pastor Alice