2021 World Mission Offering

October 13, 2021

Dear Calvary family and friends,

Throughout the month of October, we are receiving the American Baptist International Ministries’ World Mission Offering (WMO). Through the WMO, we join with other congregations to celebrate and support the ministries that God is using to transform the world through International Ministries’ 120+ global servants, 900+ volunteers, home
staff, and 250+ international partners in 70 countries.

This year’s World Mission Offering theme is We’ve Been Surprised by God’s Glory (John 1:16). Executive Director of IM, Sharon Koh, writes, “Just like a mustard seed starts out small but gets nourished into exponential growth, we have seen ideas burgeon into full projects this past year as COVID-19 relief work changed lives. Early on, an international partner said, ‘How do we talk about washing our hands when people here don’t have clean water to drink?’ We continue to hear words like these as invitations from Christ to work to bring life giving good in communities all around the world…Your gift to the WMO is multiplied with others’ gifts to bring economic development, theological education, health and wellness, and numerous other forms of critical support to people.”...

Calvary, this year your gifts to the WMO will be given to the Global Servants our church supports:

Barbara & Dwight Bolick are on a special assignment, based currently in College Station, Texas. Barb is completing a PhD in Youth Development, in order to make the Talita Cumi Girls’ Clubs Project both evidence based and effective. She is introducing the Girls’ Clubs in Bolivia, and continues supporting the program in Chile, as she provides mentor training and contextualized written materials. Dwight is training partners in Central America in rainwater harvesting, installing model systems, and encouraging the use of this water collection method in addressing the severe water crises throughout the region.
David & Joyce Reed serve as Global Coordinators for Spiritual Care for field personnel. Building on 20 years of ministry in Mexico and service as regional consultants in Iberoamerica & the Caribbean, the Reeds cultivate a culture of health in which IM global personnel & home office staff can thrive and be effective in ministry. They offer spiritual guidance, support & presence; provide workshops & retreats on self-care, soul care, & community care practices; research and find resources to support spiritual growth and health; walk with colleagues through significant times of transition, transformation, grief & loss; and mentor global servants during their first years on the field.

International Ministries' 31 Day Prayer Guide.

Author: Morgan Fletcher
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