January 06, 2022

OPTION #1 WEBSITE: When worship would normally start, open an internet browser and type in . This takes you to our website. Our latest livestreams are on the right side of the screen if viewing on a computer. Click the white arrow and it should start playing. You can make it bigger by clicking the icon that looks like a square. Make sure your volume is turned up!

OPTION #2 ON YOUTUBE that works anytime you want to watch: click here. This is our Youtube channel with many videos listed.If we are currently livestreaming, the video will be near the top with a bright red LIVE button on it. The latest live stream will be near the top with a title of "Calvary Baptist Church of Denver (Live Stream) DATE OF SERVICE." For example, after Sunday's worship it would say "Calvary Baptist Church of Denver (Live Stream)1/6/2021."

On YouTube, you can create an account (only requires your basic information) and take part in the live chat during worship.

OPTION #3 FACEBOOK PAGE. On the Calvary Baptist Church of Denver Facebook page, you can also view our live service. There is no chat option.

View Live stream instructions for a smart TV, Roku, Playstation or something similar: view here.


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