Virtual Ministry Through January 31

January 06, 2022

January 2022 COVID-19 Announcement


January 6, 2022


Though you are reading this message on Friday, I am writing it on January 6th – Epiphany. Epiphany celebrates the manifestation, or revealing, of God’s presence in the person of Jesus to the Magi, and therefore, to the world. Epiphany reminds us that God’s love extends to all people. When Jesus says “love your neighbor as yourself,” the love he calls us to extend is a love that regards all of humanity as our community and our neighbor.

Once again, we find ourselves in a new phase of the pandemic; the Omicron variant is affecting those in our own community as well as our neighbors. You have more than likely known someone in the last few weeks to have tested positive for COVID-19. The data signifies “one out of every four people getting tested in Colorado is positive for COVID-19. The seven-day positivity rate in our state is now the highest it’s been since the start of the pandemic — more than 25%.”  This surge is impacting hospitals and health care workers and creating shortages in staffing across many sectors. While it is hopeful that this variant seems to cause less severe illness, especially for those vaccinated and boosted, it is much more contagious. The data shows that more specific masking is needed to be effective and that there are more breakthrough cases of those who are vaccinated and boosted. (I speak from personal experience since my husband Damon – who was vaccinated, boosted, and masks in public – tested positive for COVID-19 in late December. He has recovered well; thank you for your prayers!)

From the beginning of the pandemic, our decisions as a church have been guided by a commitment to the common good. During these peak weeks, we feel it is important to lead by example and to do our part to reduce spread and risk to the community, including our members. For that reason, Calvary has decided to move to virtual ministry through January 31*:

  • Worship services on Sunday mornings and evenings will be live streamed on Calvary’s YouTube channel without the congregation present in the sanctuary or chapel.

  • Calvary small groups, classes, groups, or events will not meet in person in the building. You are encouraged to meet virtually, as many groups are already doing. Contact Pastor Morgan if you need assistance with meeting virtually.

  • The church office will be closed; you may reach staff members via email or phone. Contact or 303-757-8421 if you need a staff member’s contact information. Staff continue to be available for pastoral care and conversation as needed.

*timeline will be evaluated in late January based on COVID-19 data in the Denver-metro area

Even as we join other churches who are also making this decision, we all feel the impact in different ways. We are all weary of the pandemic and of being apart. I am too. And yet as we continue to learn, the call to “love one another” sometimes includes being “apart from one another” for a time. You may contact me if you have any questions about this decision.

Calvary – thank you for your resilience and understanding. Hold fast to the God who holds you. We are not alone on this journey,


~ Pastor Anne


Along with Calvary’s Staff and Co-Moderators Rick Breitenbecher & Sharon Murphy, Treasurer Virg Musil, Chair of Staff Relations Mick Davey, Chair of Resource Management Bill Warren, & Chair of Stewardship John Kron