Important Update About Continuation of Virtual Ministry

January 28, 2022

Hello Calvary,
I hope you are doing well. I miss seeing your faces and gathering together. Personally, I am definitely feeling “COVID fatigue” at a whole new level right now, and if you are as well, I empathize with you.
If you are following COVID-19 information for our city and state then you know that the Omicron wave has not peaked as quickly as we hoped it would. As I’m writing this letter, the positivity rate of reported cases of COVID-19 in Denver county is 24% and the state positivity rate is 22%. Even for those who are vaccinated, indoor activities are considered high risk right now, especially gatherings of 50 people or more. And, for Denver county and surrounding counties, almost all categories show us in the red or “severe risk” category of the COVID-19 dial. As you can see from this website on the “Hospital Resource Use” chart, the hospital bed count for COVID-19 is not projected to drop below 1,000 until Feb. 23, and those levels won’t return to the same level they were in December until around that same time.

I share this information with you as a means of communicating a few of the metrics that we use to evaluate whether to have our building open for ministry or to continue with virtual ministry. While there are many variables to consider, two of the guiding metrics that shape our decisions include positive case percentages (above 10% = strongly consider virtual ministry) and/or hospital beds needed for COVID-19 patients (more than 1,000 = strongly consider virtual ministry).
Given the current numbers, and Calvary’s commitment to “love our neighbor” by reducing community spread, the COVID-19 leadership team has decided to continue virtual ministry through February and to keep our building closed through the end of February:

  • Worship services on Sunday mornings and evenings will be live streamed on Calvary’s YouTube channel without the congregation present in the sanctuary or chapel.
  • Calvary small groups, classes, groups, or events will not meet in person in the building. You are encouraged to meet virtually, as many groups are already doing. Contact Pastor Morgan if you need assistance with meeting virtually.
  • The church office will be closed; you may reach staff members via email or phone. Contact or 303-757-8421 if you need a staff member’s contact information. Staff continue to be available for pastoral care and conversation as needed.

Leadership will re-evaluate the data at the February Council meeting and will make an announcement shortly thereafter about March. As always, you may contact me or anyone on the COVID-19 leadership team if you have any questions about this decision.
I know this news is difficult for many of us, myself included. When I feel frustrated, I do my best to focus less on what I personally might be missing out on, and I focus more on the importance of keeping hospital employees and other essential workers healthy and able to work, as well as keeping schools open and teachers and students healthy. Calvary is blessed to have amazing technology in place that keeps us connected and allows us to do so much of our ministry off-site; not all churches have the resources and volunteers that we do. I also remind myself that churches also tend to engage in higher risk activities when it comes to COVID – such as singing, handshakes/hugging/drawing close, and sharing in coffee hour or other hospitality events. Additionally, we draw together people from across many counties and sectors of society and share space for longer than 5-15 minutes. We are a relational community, not a transactional institution – and that truly sets us apart from other businesses. That, and the fact that our ethic of love prioritizes the common good of all people, and not just ourselves.
Calvary – thank you for your resilience and understanding as this pandemic persists. One of my favorite scripture verses is Joshua 1:9. I pray that it edifies you in this time of staying together in the Spirit while physically apart: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Each day, I wake up and do my best to ground myself in the truth that God is with me – no matter the situation or circumstance. May we all take deep breaths as we center ourselves in God’s peace and strength as we face whatever the day may bring!
~Pastor Anne Scalfaro, along with

  • Calvary’s Pastoral & Administrative Staff

  • Co-Moderators – Rick Breitenbecher & Sharon Murphy

  • Incoming Co-Moderator – Erin Gangloff

  • Chair of Resource Management – Bill Warren

  • Chair of Staff Relations – Mick Davey

  • Incoming Chair of Staff Relations – Beth Dickinson

  • Treasurer – Virg Musil

  • Chair of Stewardship – John Kron