Welcome Minister Brian Muir!

February 03, 2022

Haló Calvary! I am Minister Brian Muir. I currently reside in Littleton, Colorado. I was born in Torrance, California, however, I consider the Scottish Highlands my home. I married the love of my life Shelby on July 27, 2020 and we found our church home at Calvary this past summer. As seen in the photo, we are proud paw-rents of our 1.5 year old Australian Shepherd Kobe, a bundle of energy and bringer of joy! I graduated from Denver Seminary with a Master of Divinity in Chaplaincy this past December and will begin pursuing a Master of Social Work this upcoming August. I aspire to be a University Chaplain, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Holistic Trauma Therapist. I look forward to completing my final unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) while serving at Calvary over the next several months. 


   My focus in ministry is on holistic health, spirituality, and integration.My philosophy of ministry is to be a spiritual leader as a life giving companion, a radiant light in the darkness, and a tangible reflection of Love to all. I have learned first-hand how whole person holistic care is the only durable remedy to the disconnection that results from trauma. I believe that trauma-informed, connective, and holistic whole person care cultivates human flourishing and societal transformation. I hope to help cultivate individual growth, communal awareness, and systemic transformation. I aspire to support 15-25 year olds with acute complex trauma and moral injury stemming from abuse, assault, combat, and secondary traumatic stress. I yearn to play a part in the healing of the next generation, helping them discover who they are and propelling them forward as peacemakers rooted in love into the world. 


   I believe the key to abundant life is this: live mindfully attentive to the divine, mindfully attuned to the self, and mindfully aware of others. Because of this, my focus is on the integration and healing of the heart, mind, body, and spirit, as well as the transformation of peoples’ relationships, environment, and systems. My specific areas of interest include 1) youth, 2) young adults, 3) justice-oriented issues, 4) trauma, and 5) mystic/Celtic spirituality. In addition, I will be pursuing ordination at Calvary because I desire to be affirmed in my gifts, blessed in ministry, and commissioned toward my call. My official CPE program unit takes place February 7th to June 5th, however, I look forward to serving at Calvary as a Minister throughout my ordination process and beyond. I feel that Calvary can be a place of blessing and healing for me and that I can be bless Calvary with the gifts I have to share. I hope to meet each of you soon! 


  “In Celtic wisdom the sacred is as present on earth as it is in heaven, as immanent as it is transcendent, as human as it is divine, as physical as it is spiritual. The sacred can be breathed in, tasted, touched, heard, and seen as much in the body of the earth and the body of another living being as in the body of religion. It is the true essence of all life.” ~John Philip Newell, Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul