Welcome Ben Carroll!

April 29, 2022

We are pleased to welcome Ben Carroll to the Calvary staff! Ben has accepted the Set-Up and Security position, and has also taken on the custodian position on a trial basis. He has been in training this week with Charles Hillig, the prior incumbent, and will be starting out on his own as of May 1.
   Ben has an interesting and varied background, including a degree in Religion/Ethics from Baylor, church/ministry experience, working for World Hunger Relief as livestock manager and market/kitchen director, co-founding the Kianga Project to develop and market Kenyan jewelry and crafts, and driving professionally in Eastern and Southern Africa and with Uber and Lyft. More on his world and life experiences in a future issue of E-News!
   Serving in these roles, you may see him around at odd hours, especially evenings, so if you happen to be around then as well, give him a warm Calvary welcome!


Beth Dickinson
Chair, Staff Relations