Calvary Hires New Facilities & Operations Manager!

June 10, 2022

   It has been a long time coming, but it has been worth the wait! We are excited to welcome Chad Lawrence to Calvary in the role of Facilities and Operations Manager! Chad will be starting on a regular basis on July 6, but spending some time off and on during June to get up to speed with Pastor Anne, Pastor Morgan, and Resource Management Chair Bill Warren so that he can “hit the ground running” in July.

   Chad has spent most of his career working in facilities and operations, including in several public school districts, private schools, a parks and recreation district, and a holding company that included a community center, corporate office suite, coffee shop, charter school and farm! He also worked at St. Andrews United Methodist Church so has experience in the church environment. He brings a wealth of facilities management and expertise to our position, as well as leadership and operations skills that parallel the needs of our multi-faceted position. We are extremely lucky to have identified a candidate of his caliber to come to Calvary.

   Why, you may ask, is he interested in coming to work for a church at this point? He and his wife, Kimberly, are becoming empty nesters, and they spent some time envisioning what that could look like. They concluded that they want to fill their time with things that will enrich their lives. For him, that meant going to work for a faith-based organization, to serve the body of Christ. He is looking forward to working in partnership with the Calvary staff and community! From his references, he is going to be a great team player and someone we will all enjoy working with.

   While Chad’s work schedule has yet to be finalized, we are expecting that he will be working onsite at the church throughout the week, so that congregation members, renters, committees, and staff may all take advantage of his expertise and assistance as needs arise.

   We will introduce Chad to you in more detail in July, but wanted you to be aware that our recruitment efforts have paid off and that his employment is under way. Please join us in welcoming Chad once he arrives on site!

   A word from Pastor Anne about Chad:"Through interviews and conversations with Chad, I can confidently say that he already naturally feels like a “Calvary-ite”; his spirit is Open to All Closed to None and his competence is met in equal measure by his compassion. He wants to be a part of a team and wants to make a difference in the world. He is an extremely soul-full person, has a servant-hearted spirit and loves people, Christ, and the church. He asks wonderful questions, laughs easily, has a gentle demeaner, is organized and efficient, and has depth and breadth of experience and knowledge. We can’t wait for him to join our staff team and for the congregation to give Chad and his family a warm Calvary welcome."

   Many thanks to Pastors Anne and Morgan and to Bill Warren for their support of the recruitment process as well as for “holding down the fort” during this extended vacancy. It is much appreciated.


Beth Dickinson

Chair, Staff Relations