Pastoral Team Update from Pastor Anne

November 17, 2022

Pastoral Team Update from Pastor Anne

November 18, 2022


Pastors Morgan, Alice, and I met with Staff Relations recently to discuss our job descriptions and areas of accountability as we move into a new season of life at Calvary. This is a process we go through every year or two, and it feels especially timely now because so much in ministry has changed through the pandemic and post-shutdown months. Additionally, our jobs have naturally had adjustments with Alice’s role changing due to the end of the Praise & Ritual worship service, David stepping down from the Pastoral Administrative Coordinator role, Morgan finishing her months of Interim Facilities & Operations Manager and transitioning Chad into that role, and me returning from sabbatical seeking to establish healthier and sustainable rhythms of pastoral leadership.


Moving forward into this next season of ministry, our Pastoral Areas of Accountability will be:

  • Pastor Anne:Worship, Pastoral Care, Council & Staff Leadership, Stewardship & Finance, Executive Decisions, and Missions: Congregational & Denominational Partnerships (partnerships that are connected to Baptist life or ecumenical/interfaith organizations)

  • Pastor Morgan:Faith Formation, Congregational Life, Member Care, Missions: Serving & Learning Partnerships (opportunities that involve Calvary volunteers on-site or near Calvary and/or Calvary members learning and engaging around advocacy)

  • Pastor Alice:Office & Communications, Storytelling, Membership & Outreach, Missions: Community Partnerships (community partners where our primary relationship is sharing event information with the congregation and/or where we help tell the story of that organization to Calvary)

Click here to see more detail about our Pastoral Areas of Accountability.


We have a team approach to ministry, so our responsibilities often shift during different seasons of ministry based on what is most needed and that is why you will see crossover with all three of us in many of areas. That said, the main Areas of Accountability indicate the final say on decision making and ministry implementation, and should you have a question about any area of ministry or want to volunteer or engage with that area, please contact the assigned pastor.


Additionally, another change we are intentionally seeking to make is a rotational model for funerals, interments, weddings, baptisms, and child dedications that is similar to the rotational model we have for the “Pastor On Call” (POC). Just as the POC each week is responsible for organizing the pastoral care for hospital visits, emergencies, and pastoral care follow-ups for that week – so, too, will we share in ministry leadership in areas of pastoral care that involve worship and ritual experiences. When someone dies or a couple seeks to be married or someone requests a child dedication – we will work as a pastoral team to share in those responsibilities and in the leadership and officiating of those services. It is a privilege to be present with families during these tender times, and sharing these responsibilities among our pastoral staff will allow each of us to exercise our gifts in these areas and to be fully present with each family we serve.


Finally, because we are not sure how the development of the budget for 2023 will shape up, we have decided not to replace the Pastoral Administrative Coordinator position with a paid staff person at this time. We have divided up the duties and responsibilities of this position among our current staff, and as we live into fulfilling these new responsibilities it will give us time to assess what is most needed should we decide to hire staff support in this area or find support among volunteers who are gifted to help us in specific areas.


Additionally, after 29 years Marlys Marshall is stepping down from serving as our lead office volunteer at the end of December – so there are many adjustments happening in the office right now. I can’t even imagine the Calvary office without Ms. Marlys! We will miss her so much. (Stay tuned for how we will recognize Marlys’ significant ministry to Calvary and our staff for so many years!)


Click here to see how the duties of the Pastoral Administrative Coordinator are being divided and covered among current staff. We will definitely be looking for volunteer support for many of these items, so if you are interested in helping in the office or with a specific task perhaps from your home computer, please contact Pastor Morgan.


Calvary, we thank you for your patience with us as we live into these new duties and responsibilities. If you have any questions, please contact me (Pastor Anne) or Beth Dickinson, Chair of Staff Relations. We have an amazing staff team who is willing to pull together during this time and so many talented volunteers surrounding us with support. We are grateful.


Living into the Spirit of Curiosity (and flexibility!) in new ways…

Pastor Anne