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Announcing Our Newest Hire! Meet Dr. David Farwig!

Dear Calvary family and friends,
It is with great joy that I announce that Dr. David Farwig will be joining Calvary’s ministerial team as Director of Music on August 15, 2018. Read More…

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This is all about learning to begin conversations with people about faith and/or Calvary in ways that are non-threatening and inviting. Through initiating such conversations and opportunities we build relationships and involvement.
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Welcome Rev. Alice Horner-Nelson

Welcome to staff, Pastor Alice Horner-Nelson. Read More…

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The second word in our 2018 INVITE Challenge is VOICE. This is all about speaking out loud to others how you see God working in your life or the world and telling people what you find meaningful about Calvary. It can be intimidating or uncomfortable to talk to others about faith or church, but there are easy ways to working "God" and "church" into your everyday interactions with folks. Read More…

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The second word in our 2018 INVITE Challenge (see below) is NOTICE. When we are in our routines of attending the classes and ministries with which we naturally connect, sometimes we do not notice all of the other opportunities for ministry that are all around us. Read More…

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The first word in our 2018 INVITE Challenge (see below) is IDENTIFY. In short, before we can invite others to join us in a conversation about faith or to come to church with us, we have to IDENTIFY what it is that inspires us about our faith and about Calvary. Read More…

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A Collective Grief

"The Ash Wednesday mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., is the ninth-deadliest American mass shooting in modern history. It is the largest in a school since the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn, that killed 27. It is the 25th mass shooting - defined as four or more injured or killed at one location, not counting the shooter - so far in 2018, according to the Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit research group not affiliated with any advocacy organization founded in 2013. The AR-15 style rifle used in Wednesday's attack - a civilian model of the military's M-16 - is the same weapon employed in mass shootings at last fall's Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, the 2016 Pulse night club shooting in Orlando, Fla., last November at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and at Sandy Hook." (paragraph source: Baptist News Global)

...An Invitational Lent Read More…

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Recap from the Annual Meeting

Miss the Annual Meeting last night or want to take a fresh look at some of the exciting things we talked about?

At last night's Annual Meeting Pastor Anne presented Calvary's Vision 2018, seen here in pdf form. Read More…

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Sabbath Moments

s 30 Calvary-ites head up the YMCA of the Rockies this weekend for our "Living Sabbath" retreat with Rita and Brad Berglund, I offer these quotes about sabbath for all of us to absorb as we have "sabbath moments" throughout our weekend - wherever we are. Read More…

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Cheers To A New Year

With the birth of Christ and the turn to a new calendar year, 'tis the time for thinking of new things, for moving forward, for dreaming and imagining where God is leading us...and ultimately, for living - not in the past nor in the future - but in the ever-blessing present. Read More…

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