Cheers To A New Year

January 05, 2018

"I'd like to propose a toast..." 

Happy New Year Calvary!

With the birth of Christ and the turn to a new calendar year, 'tis the time for thinking of new things, for moving forward, for dreaming and imagining where God is leading us...and ultimately, for living - not in the past nor in the future - but in the ever-blessing present.

In my own life, the past two weeks have brought impactful reminders of just how precious life is, and how every moment is a gift from God and is a moment to be treasured, whether it brings sorrow or joy, pain or celebration. Damon and I enjoyed spending delightful moments playing with my nephews William (4) and Jack (1.5), enjoying good food and conversation with close friends, working puzzles with extended family members, and worshipping at the church where I grew up, was trained, and ordained. We also spent moments at the hospital with family as my 20 year old cousin, Peyton, had seizures a couple days after Christmas that led to a diagnosis of multiple brain tumors. In the midst of processing that news with my family, I received word about the death of beloved Calvary members, Dick White and Mason Brown. As Damon and I returned to Denver on Monday, I knew that the week would unfold very differently than I had planned. But then again, don't all weeks unfold differently than we ourselves would have planned them? I am finding that in my life of faith, every day is a new chance to learn this lesson anew - the lesson of living in the present. 

Damon and I were greeted in Denver on Monday by the smiling faces of Anne and Jim Comstock as we picked up our dog, Deacon, whom they had been graciously watching for us while we were in Texas. Deacon, who we couldn't wait to see and take home with us, was so caught up in the moment and felt so at home at the Comstocks that he didn't understand that we had come to pick him up and take him home. I think he thought we had come to join the party and move in at the Comstocks! He grabbed a toy and stood at the top of the Comstocks' stairs and wanted us to come downstairs with him in his "new home" to play. We finally coaxed him into the car. Deacon, of course, was completely happy and fine the minute we were in the car...on to the next thing. Dogs live so "in the moment." If a moment does not unfold as they want, they shrug it off and move on to the next moment - tail wagging and all. (Picture inset: Deacon making himself at home at the Comstocks...)

As we begin this new year, my prayer for us Calvary is that we would remember the words of the wisdom writer who penned this timeless truth so very, very many years ago: 

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven... a time to....and a time to.... a time to....and a time to...." (Ecclesiastes 3:1...)

What season is it for you?

We all have nostalgic memories of yesteryear, things we longingly remember about the past, and perhaps, regrets about our past as well. We all have exciting dreams and eager hopes about our future, and perhaps, fears about our future too. But what does this present moment bring to us? To you? What can you do TODAY to live more fully in the your own life, and in our collective life at Calvary?

No matter what this season in life holds for you - whether it's an unwanted diagnosis, the emptiness of grief, the fullness of a busy family life, or a joyful surprise - as we begin 2018, I'd like to propose a toast...

To God...for journeying with us always, in all ways...

To Calvary...for the ministry and message of the Gospel that we proclaim in word and deed...

To You...for the unique and beloved person God created you to be and that you are forever becoming...

To Time...for handing us the precious gift of TODAY...again and again and again...

To Dogs and all Beloved Non-Human Creatures...for keeping us grounded in the present moment...

To Christ...for being born anew in our lives and giving us Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.




Author: Anne Scalfaro
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