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Resource Management Update

July 22, 2019

Resource Management Update

Much of the work that Resource Management completes isn’t visible (upgrading the internet, repairing toilets, fixing the sprinkler system, etc.) but in the past months, we have been working on highly visible projects on Calvary’s building exterior and grounds.  Here is a list of our recently completed projects and those that will be finished in the near future: 

  • Last October new lights were installed under the soffits on the south side (Hampden) of the east wing.  Other soffit lights were repaired and replaced so that all areas around the building are now illuminated each night.

  • Also in October new landscaping was installed on the south side (Hampden) around the sanctuary and chapel.  Existing trees were incorporated with new trees and shrubs, bark and rock.  Lava rock was installed in the raised bed around the sanctuary for fire safety.

  • This June old gutters and downspouts were removed and new ones installed all around the church.  The drainage system was modified so that water is diverted from the Girard entrance, hopefully limiting the formation of ice on sidewalks and parking lot slope in winter.

  • In August the exterior of the building will receive a much needed paint job, including fascia boards, soffits, trim around stained glass windows, the sanctuary stucco concrete wall, and the Girard side stucco concrete wall and metal fence railings above it. Water damage will be repaired, cracks and holes will be filled, and all areas will be scraped of loose paint, sanded and primed for the new premium paint.  As a part of this project, the brown wooden sunscreens on the west and northwest side of the building will be removed. Over time these structures have become a safety hazard and it would be very expensive to repair, paint and maintain them.  Those two sides of the building will then look just like the rest of the building.

  • Also in August, the north (Girard) parking lot will receive much needed work, including the filling of potholes, sealing of cracks, and restriping.

  • Broken windows and screens will be replaced in early fall.

All this work is needed maintenance for our 50 plus year-old building, and enhances its beautiful architecture.  Funds for these projects come from the Resource Management budget, rental income, bequests, memorial gifts and donations from congregants making unsolicited “over and above” gifts.