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What Is Stewardship?

October 17, 2019

What is Stewardship? Well, to put it simply - we are stewards of the resources that have fallen into our care - either by good fortune or privileged circumstances or hard work or wise investing, or some combination of the above. No matter how much money we have to our name, we all share in common that we are stewards of those resources. And even if we don’t have a dollar to our name, we are stewards of the life we live and the choices we make. We are entrusted to care for the planet and one another with the humble recognition that all that we have is ultimately God’s, not ours. It may sound like cheesy religious talk, but think about it: without God, we don’t exist. 

How do we say thank you to God for life itself? And - how do we say thank you to God for the communities that help us live that life to the fullest? Well, we practice gratitude. We seek to not take our blessings for granted. And - we give. We give of our time, of our unique gifts and skills, and of our finances. We are generous because God is generous with us. That is stewardship.  

So then, what is stewardship season at Calvary? Well, it’s a handful of weeks when we think very intentionally about the resources we have and how sharing a portion of those resources with Calvary helps further the kin-dom of God.  

If you’re reading this, you are part of our community. And as part of our community, we need your financial gifts just like we need your presence in worship or in a small group or when we serve in the community. You are vital to our community’s DNA, and your financial gifts are vital to ensuring that the structures around us that support and create the space for this community can thrive. (Think worship, programs, missions, staff, building, property, etc.)


~Pastor Anne