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Bootstraps & Blessings Client Appreciation

November 07, 2019

 Mons. Dec 9, 16, & 23 – Volunteers, Soups, Bread, & Treats Needed for Bootstraps & Blessings Client Appreciation.

Although we had a very successful luncheon for those experiencing homelessness this past year at First Baptist Church, this year we will focus on serving our Bootstraps clientele in our neighborhood. We've decided to host a soup meal for our clientele on three Mondays during Bootstrap hours. We need your help volunteering the day of, providing soup, bread, treats, and more. 

Signups to help will be in the Narthex starting Nov. 10th if you want to help or have questions. (Bootstraps & blessings is an onsite ministry at Calvary that provides for those in need of food bags, grocery/gas gift cards, showers, laundry, phone calls, prayer, resourcing, etc.)