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“I’m IN!” Stewardship Update (as of Dec. 18, 2019)

December 18, 2019

“I’m IN!” Stewardship Update (as of Dec. 18, 2019) 

  • 138 Commitment Cards received, representing 211 people at Calvary 

  • 87 increases in total pledge amounts from last year, totaling $44,480

  • 11 new Commitment Cards received (new from last year), totaling $14,480

  • $616,966 pledged to date ($876,379 is our 2020 budget goal) 


Thank you for your generosity Calvary! We are deeply grateful to the 138 individuals, couples, and families who have made financial commitments to Calvary for 2020. We have surpassed our total pledge amount from the last couple of years; this is good news!


Our budget reconciliation team has begun meeting to modify the 2020 proposed budget to present to the congregation at the Annual Meeting in January. It is not too late to turn in a 2020 “I’m IN!” Commitment Card or to email your pledge directly to Church Account Luwan Jones ( We are still short of our budget goal; every commitment counts! Friendly Reminders:

  • If you give online or via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), we still need your updated pledge information for 2020.

  • If are moved this holiday season to make an increase to your pledge, we welcome your additional generosity. Pledge adjustments may be made by turning in a new Commitment Card, emailing Luwan Jones (, or calling the church office on Wednesdays at 303-757-8421.