CALVARY SUSPENDS ALL SERVICES AND EVENTS. Read communication guidelines during this time here.

What You Can Do & Resources for You

March 19, 2020

  • Midweek Virtual Gatherings-  Join us Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. for our Midweek Lenten Virtual Gathering. We will check in with each other, share concerns, and a devotional.  We will email out the Zoom link on Tuesday.

  • Pastoral Calls Via Zoom Our pastors are offering 30 minute pastoral "face to face visits" via Zoom or visits over the phone. Please email Pastor Anne or Pastor Alice to set up an appointment with them.

  • If you UNDER AGE 60* and are not immune compromised:  We need your help buying Groceries, picking up prescriptions, and/or running errands for those who are age 60+.  As of now we have not received requests for this from our members, but anticipate these needs to increase in coming weeks. If you are willing to do this, please email Lori Grohskopf. We know some of you responded last week, but many of those responses were from people who are age 60 and above. Please read this important message:*Based on what we are hearing from our own members who are health care professionals, we do not want those over age 60 and above in our congregation out and about, even if you feel healthy. Please heed their wisdom and advice. They are on the front lines and know more about COVID-19 and how it spreads than many (if not all) of us. One of our chaplains writes: "I know it is with the kindest intentions that grocery stores are opening early for at risk populations to shop. Please tell our congregants NOT to go. The worst thing is for them all to be out and around one another.  Please reiterate to those who are age 60 and older or those who are immune compromised to not go out. Out hospital is working very hard to counter the message that going out during certain shopping hours is safe; it is not. Not even to go through a drive through to pick up medications. People need to stay in. Have them call me or others in our age group (below age 60) to run errands for them."

  • Write an Encouraging Card to Our Nurses, Chaplains, Doctors, and Healthcare Workers

Our Calvary members and friends who work in hospitals and related health care professions are having an especially stressful time right now being on the front lines of this pandemic. They would love some encouragement! You can find a list in our E-news of those who work in hospitals. You can find their address in your church directory or email Lori Grohskopf or Pastor Alice.


  • Our Bootstraps & Blessings Ministry is still serving our community by setting out to-go food bags on Mondays.We are in need of bottled water, Capri Sun, granola bars, Ritz crackers, peanut butter, hand sanitizer (or sanitizing wipes), and individual packets of Kleenex. If you are able to get in the building, place items in grocery carts in coatroom. You may also email Pat Hagen (


  • Calvary Care Team

We need about six more Volunteers who are willing to be Care Team Members. Each CTM would have a list of 10-15 names to call/text/write and check-in on on a regular basis throughout the next few weeks and/or months. Email Lori Grohskopf to sign-up. Pastor Anne will be in touch with you soon with your list.  

  • Give!

If you are able, please continue to give to Calvary online here.

Giving to our General Ministry Fund (General Operating Budget) helps us maintain our staffing and support new forms of programming that we are adapting as we are in this new time of ministry.

Giving to our Calvary Family Emergency Fund helps any Calvary members or families who may have financial needs during this time.


Lots more resources are listed in our weekly E-News. Subscribe at the bottom of our home page.